Growing up In Cottesloe

Elsie Curtin and children at the beach, 1920s Records of the Curtin family JCPML00004/15

The Curtin children enjoyed the stable childhood that John Curtin had missed. He, and later his son John, played cricket for Cottesloe, and there were backyard games of football, cricket and tennis at their home.

They had pets – often a cat, and two dogs. The family enjoyed nearby Cottesloe Beach, where John taught the children to swim. Young John remembered that ‘Mum floundered. I wouldn’t say she swam, she floundered [but] she was keen on it’.[15]

We had a very normal, well, I don’t know whether it is normal. We assumed it was normal for other homes, you know, a very happy childhood really.

Elsie Macleod 1994-95

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