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A fresh start

John and Elsie Curtin with their children Elsie and John, 1922 Records of the Curtin family JCPML00004/9

Arrival in Western Australia meant a new beginning for John Curtin.

Marriage, children, the presence of his parents-in-law, and a ‘dry’ family home brought stability into his life.

Party squabbles and former drinking mates were left behind in Melbourne, and a wider acquaintance waited now that he had a new public profile as editor of the Westralian Worker. He threw himself into his work and gained respect in local branches of the ALP and the Australian Journalist Association(AJA), which was politically non-aligned. As the AJA WA branch president he mixed with newspaper proprietors, academics, parliamentarians and journalists, and established lecture programs for journalists at the University of Western Australia.

As Curtin’s political views were modified by this new company his aspirations for socialism became more gradual. He began to appreciate opportunities presented by parliamentary processes, and his isolation from splits in Victorian labour circles did him no harm.

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  • 1910_Post_card_of_Cottesloe_MosmanParkLibrariesCPM00125.jpg
    1910 Post card of Cottesloe MosmanParkLibrariesCPM00125
  • Claremont_train_station_Mosman_Park_Libraries_CPM00663.jpg
    Claremont train station Mosman Park Libraries CPM00663
  • Fremantle_Oval_1927_Fremantle_City_Library-1917.jpg
    Fremantle Oval 1927 Fremantle City Library-1917
  • Holman_House_home of the Westralian Worker_Perth_1920_JCPML01137-5.jpg
    Holman_House_home of the Westralian Worker_Perth_1920_JCPML01137-5.jpg
    Holman House home of the Westralian Worker Perth 1920 JCPML01137-5
  • John_and_Elsie_Curtin_with_their_children_1922.jpg
    John and Elsie Curtin with their children 1922
  • John_Curtin_with_Elise_and_children_outside_home_in_Cottesloe_1942.jpg
    John Curtin with Elise and children outside home in Cottesloe 1942
  • View_south_from_Cottesloe_beach.jpg
    View south from Cottesloe beach
  • View_to_Rottnest_Island_Cottesloe_beach.jpg
    View to Rottnest Island Cottesloe beach
  • Watercolour_of_seaside_scene_signed_AN_1920.jpg
    Watercolour of seaside scene signed AN 1920
  • Watercolour_of_train_by_seaside_signed_AN_1920.jpg
    Watercolour of train by seaside signed AN 1920

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