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A crowded house

The Curtin family in the lounge at their Jarrad Street house, 1937. Records of the Curtin family JCPML00376/40 The house at Jarrad Street was a crowded family place from the year it was built until 1935, when John Curtin began to spend more time in Canberra. Even then his stays at home until 1940 mostly lasted from six to eight weeks.

Visitors when Curtin was at home were ‘non-stop’.

Some came requiring assistance of some sort and others by invitation ... We didn’t entertain a lot ... there weren’t any dinner parties. Well we didn’t have the room to entertain a big crowd. [7]
John F Curtin 2004 

Parties in the house were rare. Elsie’s twenty-first birthday was celebrated there on New Year’s Eve in 1938, and the two Elsies gave John Curtin a surprise party for his fifty-fifth birthday in 1940.

Politics were banned in favour of games, and when midnight came Mrs Curtin, assisted by Miss Curtin, served a dainty supper. Mr Curtin, who was taken completely by surprise, thanked his friends for the pleasing gesture.[8]

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  • Cigarette_box_presented_to_John_Curtin_by_Westralian_Worker_staff_1928.jpg
    Cigarette box presented to John Curtin by Westralian Worker staff 1928
  • Curtin_family_in_the_lounge_at_their_Cottesloe_house_1937.jpg
    Curtin family in the lounge at their Cottesloe house 1937
  • Elsie_Curtin_and_daughter_Elsie_hear_John_Curtin_is_Prime_Minister_1941.jpg
    Elsie Curtin and daughter Elsie hear John Curtin is Prime Minister 1941
  • Elsie_Curtin_at_home_1945.jpg
    Elsie Curtin at home 1945
  • John_Curtin_at_a_garden_party_for_Canberra_Hospital_Auxilliary_1941.jpg
    John Curtin at a garden party for Canberra Hospital Auxilliary 1941
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    The kitchen 1998
  • The_lounge_1998.jpg
    The lounge 1998
  • The_lounge_and_extension_1998.jpg
    The lounge and extension 1998
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    The sleep out 1998

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